viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

Training kids to be astronauts!


When I tell people I train future astronauts—or rather, that I train kids to be astronauts—what I am saying is that in planting the idea of space as a career in every student/young person with whom I work or engage, I am an astronaut teacher.
There is more.
With kids who respond enthusiastically or who brighten at the suggestion, my job is to enable space for them. My job—as astronaut teacher—is to pave the way for their dreams when their dreams are to live in space.
How I do this is simple: I open doors. I provide tools and encouragement. I foster opportunity.
In this, a multi-generational dynamic is utilized to instigate a specific outcome. That is, moving humans—to live, work, and play—from earth to space.   

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Mike Mongo * Astronaut teacher 

"My name is Mike Mongo and I am an astronaut teacher. Though I travel very much, I live on the island of Key West. My primary occupation is working with students and encouraging students to pursue careers in space and astronautics. Much of my time is spent writing, teaching and learning about space and space travel. Of all the things I love doing being an astronaut teacher is my favorite!"  

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