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Social Curation * Content Aggregation

Find and manage quality content to share with your audience, build relationships, and improve your social media branding

 Getting and retaining the attention of customers in a meaningful way is essential.

Part of a good one-to-many content marketing strategy, content curation is the art of continually finding, grouping, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content with your brand's audience. Good content curation consists of sifting through the fire hose of online information and being very selective, with a laser focus on your brand message -- this helps you become a thought leader in your industry/category and a trusted resource.

Good content curation doesn't consist of simply regurgitating content that others have published. Your brand story-telling must include a human element in the form of personalizing the information and making it compelling to your social media followers. Successful programs provide context and communicate it in a transparent fashion, enabling you to amplify your brand message and create passionate subscribers. This graphic from Socialbites illustrates the process of content curation:

Content Discovery, Curation Tools and Sites
Tools and sites to support discovering and curating material on the social web

Service by Adam Prattler for adding sites to all content curation sites on the web and gain rankings as well as passive traffic
Instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic
Agregage creates online “curated” communities by centralizing content from quality blogs, whitepapers, social networks around particular topics and then it is displayed on a new site dedicated to that given topic.
A smart search engine, a way to save your favourite sites (as well as read and search within them), a way to share your knowledge with others.
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BagTheWeb helps users curate Web content. For any topic, you can create a bag to collect, publish, and share any content from the Web.
BlogBridge is for true info-junkies who want a better way to wrangle all their RSS feeds from blogs and news into one pretty cool organizer.
Create topic pages with photos, videos, tweets and documents. Share them with everyone.
This has a content marketing focus.Simplifies content marketing production, distribution, measurement & optimization across multiple initiatives & social channels
Select. Collect. Reflect.
Helps organize content, facilitates collaboration and sharing with others.
Collected lets you collect your favorite blogs and news sources, your own blog, Flickr, Twitter or Youtube posts. Anything with a feed!
Blog post at Inspire To Thrive : Content Curation Can Help Spread Your Blog Posts in a Simple Way
Content curation is one of the buzz words in the new year. One of my New Y[..]
Tools and sites to support discovering and curating material on the social web
The content curation power tool that gives you unprecedented control over the content you want to find and share. Alerts setup daily for fresh and relevant results.
Curata, business-grade content curation software, can easily find, organize & share relevant content for your business.
curation tools
curation tools
Real-time search software - discovery engine to overcome information overload, discover emerging trends, accelerate your awareness.
Eqentia is a new generation of web content publishing, distribution and engagement platform featuring advanced curation, real-time aggregation, text-mining, personalization, semantic extraction and social media integration capabilities.The Eqentia platform can be branded across personal, departmental and organizational boundaries with solutions for competitive intelligence, knowledge tracking, content monitoring, thought leadership, custom content, hyper-local news, content marketing and social newsrooms. Eqentia users benefit from time savings, leads generation, SEO, engaged customers and productive employees.
Factiva.com delivers the world's best news and business information with search tools that fit every need in your organization.
Faveous gathers your favorites from Twitter, Google Reader, Youtube anFacebook in one single place.
Feedly is a news reader for creative minds a fast and stylish way to read and share the content of your favorite sites. Stay current. Get inspired. Feed your mind. Anytime. Anywhere
Publish your social digest instantly
Deliver using your existing email provider, send to contacts through Gmail or share on your social networks.
Your Social Magazine. Available for iPad, iPhone & Android.
publish your social magazine
KBucket is a user indexed search site. A place where experts “content curators” organize, comment, tag and publish their research. All KBucket pages are organized in multiple related lists of links. Each link is commented and tagged by an author. KBucket can be lists and directories of products like blogs, web applications or on topics like health, politics and economy.
Curate visual collections of the best web content found on Twitter and other social platforms.
Kippt is the best way to collect, share and discover interesting things you find on the web.
KWEEPER is an online library.
• Collect your favorite pictures Food...
• Collect and Share your musical pearls Jazz...
• Sort your best Videos Skateboard...
• Spread informations on your brand Entreprise...
• Access the essential on your favorite topics Internet...
Listly - Content Discovery, Curation Tools and Sites
Curate, crowdsource, and engage readers via live embedded list content inside blog posts.
LiveBinders is your 3-ring binder for the web.
Organize your resources in an online binder -
Lynkly is a place for people to find out what cool links are being shared by your friends and the rest of the world.
Mass Relevance
Create Social Engagement…Anywhere.
Our real-time platform helps you discover, filter and integrate unique social experiences
into all of your media and marketing efforts.
Content marketing is priority #1 for marketers, but it's hard to scale and remain authentic. Meddles makes it easy for professionals and organizations to create quality content by turning individual subject matter experts into efficient publishers - and using their social networks for distribution and SEO.
Save Share Discover
MyCurator is a complete content curation platform with a unique AI feed reader that learns to find just the content you want. Quickly curate from the full text and all images of an article right in the WordPress editor for freshly updated content.
MySyndicaat, Gather, Filter, Deliver News.
Stream Your Passion: Create your magazine with twitter and MytweetMag. Invite co-editors, filter your twitter-links and curate your favourite topic.
Personal news service for your customers
Publish Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any web content into your own online newspaper.
Pearltrees lets you have all your interests at hand all the time
Pinterest is an online pinboard.
Postano is a social media content aggregation & integration tool that makes it easy to add, embed & display social media content. FREE TRIAL!
PostPost - Dive into your Twitter timeline without drowning in it.
Pressjack allows you to search content on the web, curate it, edit it and output it as dynamic content for any device!
an interest-based newsfeed.
Redux is the best way to lean back and discover online video. Enjoy hundreds of channels of entertaining, hand-picked, critically selected videos, all from a passionate community of curators.
Easily curate engaging magazines. Effectively feed your web presence.
How do you come up with content to post to social media and blogs every day?
Quickly see what your favorite websites are posting.SoCXO
Consume and curate content online in intelligent and efficient ways.
Stitch takes the amazing things you have to say, sell, teach, or present, and wraps it up in a professionally edited video synched to music. Copyright © 2013 KlabLab, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Create stories using social media. Turn what people post on social media into compelling stories. Collect the best photos, video, tweets and more to publish them as simple, beautiful stories that can be embedded anywhere.
Tracking and Curation of News, Blogs, and Social Media
Storyful news site.
Annotate, capture, organize and share your web search
Create. Curate. Publish. Themeefy is a web 2.0 app that allows you the create your interactive magazines on the Web.
TopicHeads was developed for companies of all sizes and is your fastest and most effective way to enter online marketing - But how? With TopicHeads your virtual marketing assistant you can easily, almost magically generate new content for your blogs and websites.
Trap.it: Rule the web.
WP-Drudge is a fully-featured WordPress template that can emulate the Drudge Report and makes posting links, images and videos easy.
YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that discovers new, relevant content for you based on your interests and makes it easy to bookmark and share that content with friends.
Zootool: collect, organize and share your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the web  
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Menina from Brazil * Proyecto Floreser

"Eles vencem quando ela canta. É uma coincidência maravilhosa", diz Michelle, a mãe de Gina Marie Incandela (foto), uma miúda de 7 anos que sofre de autismo e está a ser um verdadeiro talismã para os Orlando Magic, nesta fase decisiva do campeonato, quando jogam em casa.
Já não falta, no meio de tantas emoções, quem atribua a Gina esta série vitoriosa dos Magic, simplesmente porque nos seis jogos dos playoffs em que ela cantou no início dos mesmos o hino nacional americano a equipa de Os primeiros tempos de vida de Gina foram complicados, já que apenas começou a falar aos três anos depois de frequentar um programa especial na Universidade da Florida em que os professores utilizavam música para ajudá-la a pronunciar palavras.

A dislexia, ao contrário dos que muitos pensam, não é uma doença, mas um funcionamento peculiar do cérebro para o processamento da linguagem. Em outras palavras, é uma deficiência de aprendizagem muito mais percebida na leitura, mas que também atinge a escrita e a soletração.
A palavra é derivada do grego “dis” (dificuldade) e “lexia” (linguagem). Para a Associação Nacional de Dislexia o que ocorre é uma lacuna entre a habilidade de aprendizagem e o sucesso escolar, sendo que o problema não é comportamental, psicológico ou de motivação pessoal e social.
Como as estatísticas demonstram que a dislexia atinge uma média de 5 a 15% de crianças, dificilmente uma escola deixa de ter disléxicos em seus bancos escolares.
Conhecimento e argúcia da parte do professor são necessários para a compreensão de que a criança tem dificuldade em soletrar; lê, mas não interpreta; escreve ao contrário como se estivesse um espelho à sua frente; tem melhor desempenho na oralidade que na escrita. Há muitas variações a esse quadro.

Los que estudian algún instrumento en conservatorios o escuelas musicales destacan en el área de Matemáticas
Los niños y niñas estimulados musicalmente tienen un desarrollo cognitivo mayor, responden más rápido y mejor en el aprendizaje y, por ello, es importante hacer un buen planteamiento de las actividades musicales en los centros educativos en Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria, según un estudio de la Fundación SM.
Esta es una de las principales conclusiones extraídas del trabajo 'La música y su potencial educativo, un estudio interdisciplinar', sobre una muestra de 1.500 alumnos de Primaria y los dos primeros cursos de ESO comparando los resultados de Música con 3 materias fundamentales del currículo (Lengua, Matemáticas, Conocimiento del Medio/Ciencias Sociales).
Para los autores del trabajo, coordinados por el profesor de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid Luis Fernando Vílchez, los valores educativos de la música tienen que situarse dentro de una concepción "integral" de la persona. En este sentido, lamentan que este hecho "no siempre quede reflejado en las leyes educativas" donde esta disciplina sigue, a su juicio, considerándose una "maría" sin tenerse en cuenta su "potencial" educativo.
Existe una correlación directa entre práctica de la música y rendimiento positivo en las demás materias escolares. Tanto la encuesta realizada a alumnos de escuelas de música y de conservatorios como el amplio consenso de opiniones al respecto de los profesores consultados así lo demuestran.
Según esta investigación, todos los niños en la etapa preescolar tienen un gran potencial musical, que sabiendo estimular, puede contribuir a un gran desarrollo intelectual y emocional. En este sentido, la música es un recurso "estratégico transversal" beneficioso para la instrucción y aprendizaje de las demás materias del currículo.
Asimismo, la música también es "muy útil" para el desarrollo de estrategias base, tanto cognitivas, como emocionales y sociales de los menores; para potenciar la formación integral de la persona, a través del cultivo de valores de carácter realmente humanístico; y, en relación con el tratamiento de la diversidad, para trabajar aspectos relacionados con la interculturalidad.
Según este trabajo, los profesores manifiestan la concepción de música como una disciplina con "menor importancia" frente a otras y la "falta de convencimiento unánime" de su potencial educativo, "provocan en el alumno una falta de compromiso y motivación, situación que se agrava con la falta de articulación entre las etapas educativas y la asignatura de Música".
Por otra parte, los profesores señalan que se ven sometidos a una soledad que les obliga a establecer procedimientos didácticos marcados por la autonomía. Una vez dentro del aula, reivindican que éstas no suelen estar adaptadas para impartir este tipo de clases, no existen desdobles del grupo como en otras asignaturas y, en ocasiones, el tiempo de Música va destinado a actividades de otras materias cuyo aprendizaje hay que reforzar.
La Fundación SM, creada en 1977, concentra sus actividades en cuatro grandes líneas de actuación: desarrollar la investigación educativa, fomentar la formación del profesorado, potenciar la literatura infantil y juvenil y apoyar programas y actividades socioeducativas.

Aprende idiomas leyendo periodicos y revistas * When you learn English, you have to learn in whole sentences and in context * Learn languages by reading newspapers and magazines * Imprime diariamente de 10 a 40 renglones de algún texto o noticia interesante o curiosa en tu idioma. Subraya de 10 a 40 palabras (según tu disponibilidad). Anótalas en columna en el espacio disponible abajo del texto o en el reverso de la hoja. Tradúcelas al inglés u otro idioma deseado. Anota el significado al lado de cada palabra. Si ya entiendes lo que lees al 50% en un idioma extranjero, repite lo anterior pero ahora con oraciones cortas (en lugar de palabras) en el idioma extranjero que ya conoces. Revisa tu trabajo y compáralo con el de otros compañeros para corregir errores. Muestra tu trabajo a tu profesor. Pídele que te sugiera otra actividad que expanda lo que acabas de realizar. Copia y comparte este trabajo, súbelo a tu blog o página personal. My Homework Network * Non-Profit Sharing Ring * Languages * Collaborative School Projects * Prof JML * Mexico