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Welcome to Thank you for stopping by! We hope that our site will enable you to quickly and easily connect with others, reunite with friends and family, find people who share your interests, learn about notable individuals, discover ways to help others and much more

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Horoscopes * Intelligence Tests * Personality Tests is a powerful free information resource center that features the very best and most useful online information about people together with engaging, human-interest editorial in one high-utility, user-friendly spot. Sites featured on are hand-selected by our editorial team for their quality, content and utility.

From the site, quickly and easily find address and phone numbers, genealogy tools, alumni and family networks, volunteer opportunities, public opinion polls, personality tests and more.

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APRENDE IDIOMAS LEYENDO PERIODICOS Y REVISTAS * LEARN LANGUAGES BY READING NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES Imprime de 20 a 30 renglones del texto que acabas de leer. Subraya de 10 a 20 palabras. Anótalas en columna en el espacio disponible abajo del texto o en el reverso de la hoja. Traducelas al inglés u otro idioma deseado. Anota el significado al lado de cada palabra. Revisa tu trabajo y compáralo con el de otros compañeros. Muestra tu trabajo a tu profesor. Pídele que te sugiera otra actividad que expanda lo que acabas de realizar. Copia y conserva est trabajo, y el contenido súbelo a tu blog o página personal, y compartelo. MY HOMEWORK NETWORK * NON-PROFIT SHARING RING * LANGUAGES * COLLABORATIVE SCHOOL PROJECTS * PROF JML * MEXICO

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