miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

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What was...
What was the #1 song on the day you were born? The day you graduated from high school?
The day you were married? The day your child was born? The day your friend or spouse was born?
Oh, don't be shy ... how about the approximate date you were conceived?
Look up the #1 song on a specific date in history using Wikipedia.

The 100 Biggest Hits of the 2010s Decade, so far!

(1/1/2010-7/7/2012) * with links to music videos on YouTube

What songs were popular this week in years past?
Install Spotify for free and listen.

Here are your Spotify Flashback Playlists, updated frequently:
This week's hits Now 30 years ago 1982
1 year ago 2011 35 years ago 1977
5 years ago 2007 40 years ago 1972
10 years ago 2002 45 years ago 1967
15 years ago 1997 50 years ago 1962
20 years ago 1992 55 years ago 1957
25 years ago 1987 60 years ago 1952
Special Playlist: The Hottest Hits of Summer (1955-2012)

Josh Hoster Biz

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