martes, 26 de junio de 2012

" Aprendendo português. Legal, né?"

Moving right along
aprendendo português...
Legal (or cool), ?

" aprendendo português" = "learning Portuguese"
  • Aprendendo [pronounced: "Ah-prehn-dehn-doh"]

  • português [pronounced: "poor-*too-gaze"]
    (*the T is said with a dental stop)

"Legal, né?" = "Cool, huh?" or "Cool, isn't it?
  • Legal [pronounced: "leh-gal"]

  • ** [pronounced: "neh"]

** is a slang contraction of não é [pronounced: (nasally) "now - eh"] 
which means "isn't it."

Although we've only just begunWacky Haiku Wednesdays will be on hiatus until July 18th. While camping along the Araguaia River, I will use my downtime to compose a slew of haiku which I will unleash on you when I return. 

I'd love to see any of yours, as well! Feel free to contribute to the July 18th installment of Wacky Haiku Wednesdays. (Please remember to keep it clean, folks!) 

See you then! 

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