lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

''Dear Mr Anonymous: I'm writing to you because I have something very important to say''!

In the first place, I want to tell you that I agree with your project to help the world and  protect people against unfair situations toward our human rights. 

Fianacial crissis like the present one in Europe, are worsening more and more. The compulsive desire  of people to waste money has been out of control for years, as we can witness now the fatal consequences. 

How could we understand that rich entities or countries or individuals spend around $60,000°° dollars a night in one of those incredibly expensive hotels, while in certain regions of our disgraced  planet a lot of people not even have just something to eat?  

And how about those bottles of whiskey at $10,000.°° dollars each, when hundreds of thousands just drink contaminated poisonus water? 

Don't we supposed to have enough technological advancement to provide healthy and safe life conditions to all the Earth inhabitants? 

And why do we want to explore other planets for? Do you have an idea of how many millions of millions of dollars we are spending for this unconcious extravagant enterprise? Are we looking for another planet to live there expecting a better life?

Now, are we going to take all our problems with us, or do we prefer to leave them right here and give to ourselves a second chance to construct a new brilliant society, but now doing things well right from the start? Sorry, bad news, sorry to spoil your party guys. Problems do not dissapear just like that, escaping in a spaceship to a far galaxy.

We must understand first that problems grow when citizens neglect to be responsible of themselves, people prefer to solve everything by delegating important matters to their leaders. Oh, my God, our leaders? Well,  just for a second  think about what kind of world leaders we do have nowadays.

We're talking about financial leaders (those who finance world bussineses that swallop world money), political leaders (those who manage our taxes for the benefit of public interest), and religious leaders (those who manage our souls and our weekly monetary contributions that gain the heavens for us as soon as our exploiters decide to exterminate those who just get nothing left to exploit). In other words, corrupted leaders, material ones or spiritual ones. 

Are we sure we really want to find a planet with life  conditions very similar with those we have enjoyed on Earth? No, please, not againg. Of course not. With similar problems? No, not in my dreams. Crime, violence, war? Criminality, exploitation, abuse of all kinds, drug bussines?

Don't lie to ourselves, all those terrible problems wll follow us no matter how distant be such ''ideal'' planet. If the Earth is a real dissaster no one else is guilty but us, the human being who now deserve to be called ''inhuman being''.

If we refuse to accept we are responsible of our wrong destructive actions, we'll be spoiling and destructing every planet we visit in the future across the universe the same way we are disgracing this one at the present time.

a concerned citizen.

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